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Bow Hunting Safaris in Namibia

Engelbrecht Safaris invites you to experience the Jewel of Africa — Namibia.

Namibia was the best kept secret until now! Hunt this 18 000 acre private hunting area, where only bow hunting is allowed. This area is true Bushveld. This is a true wilderness area with the remoteness of a real African experience. This area is situated in the north-eastern part of the country.

Engelbrecht Safaris is a fully registered Bow Hunting Outfitter. We've been conducting Bow Hunting Safaris since it was legalized in this country, way back in 1998, making it one of the oldest bow hunting operations in the country.

We've been host to more than 350 satisfied clients over the years, which is reflected by our guest register.Most of these clients were guided by the owner of Engelbrecht Safaris, TobieEngelbrecht himself, which makes for a very pleasurable experience. Strong emphasis are put on fair chase and ethical bow hunting.

Bow hunting is conducted either by ambush, in areas frequented by game, or by walk and stalk methods.All of our blinds (elevated or pit type), are well situated for bow hunting, with average shot distances being 18 yards. Most of these blinds are positioned near waterholes or salt licks. Portable blinds and Tree stands are sometimes set up to ambush game on game trails and on nearby hunting concessions.

The Namibian Trophy Hunting Season runs from February until November each year. The green season (February to May) is best suited for spot and stalk hunting, due to the increased density of undergrowth as a result of the annual rains. During this time, there are usually lots of natural water in the bush, making it unnecessary for the animals to visit the regular waterholes. June to September are normally the best months for bow hunting.

October and November can be very hot but so can be the hunting due to the necessity of the animals to drink. All animal species available within the hunting area are truly wild African game, ensuring a real challenging hunt.We book only one hunting group at a time to ensure personal attention to all hunters, and we will customize your hunt to suit your needs.

Compound bows, Traditional equipment, Family groups, Woman bow hunters, experienced and first time hunters are all welcome. A bow workshop and 50 yard archery range are available on the ranch.

References of previous hunters are always available. Please contact us for details.
Your hosts and guides are bow hunters themselves, thus understanding the needs of bow hunters and will accompany you on every hunt.

Engelbrecht Safaris and its clients will adhere to all the Namibian Hunting Regulations.

All field preparations and capping of your trophies are done by fully trained staff of Engelbrecht Safaris. Engelbrecht Safaris is built on your satisfaction, and we are truly committed to doing anything it takes to make your visit an EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME.

Rates and Details:
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